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What can be done with the Black Springs Recreation Reserve?

July 11, 2024

Some people have been thinking about the future of Black Springs, with particular attention to how the Recreation Reserve could better serve the village and the tourists who pass through it. Black Springs Community Association have been working with Council to develop a Master Plan.

Click for a larger view of the Master Plan

Here are just some of the suggestions so far:

  • Adapt existing Tennis Pavillion for use as a coffee shop/driver reviver
  • Clear access to two toilets and two showers for both male and female visitors
  • Provide clearly visible BBQ facilities for passer by and campers to access
  • Update practice wall for tennis practice
  • Allow for full size netball/basketball court for school use plus locals
  • Provide convertible football/soccer posts on main field
  • Update cricket pitch on field
  • Keep vehicles from accessing field
  • Provide seating within junior play enclosure
  • All inclusive adventure playground for older aged children - flying fox, mini putt-putt
  • Place a rotunda for photos and weddings within the Recreation Ground
  • Fix up labyrinth and allow greater access to it making it easier to find
  • Incorporate more sculpture and signage/plaques to guide people around the site
  • Plant native shrubs of the locality under existing native tree rows near Abercrombie Road
  • Improve War Memorial so more clearly seen and attractive with more seating
  • Create easy access parking from Abercrombie Road and Reserve Avenue to encourage more visits
  • Create clear footpaths within the site and connecting the site with the School and Hall
  • Allow locations for Motor Homes to park over night off the roadways
  • Allow for primitive unpowered campsites for use by groups or individuals
  • Thin trees planted by the local school children to allow access for maintenance
  • Provide garbage bins easily accessed and easy to empty by council vehicles
  • Address drainage issues where old trotting track interrupts natural flow of surface water
  • Use old trotting track for vehicle access
  • Remove woody weeds and overgrown areas of planting so not a fire hazard and improve maintenance
  • Soften visual appearance of new bore tanks from within the site

These are just suggestions. Comments and more suggestions are welcome and can be discussed in the Black Springs Community Facebook group. Nothing has been finalised - at this stage it's just people tossing around ideas. Getting anything done will require planning, consultation with Council, Forestry Corporation and other interested parties and getting the money from somewhere to make it happen. Oberon Matters will be following the progress with interest.

To get an idea of what is there now, Oberon Matters took a walk around pointing the camera at things.


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