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Letters to the Editor

We welcome your opinion, provided you stick to the following rules:

  • Remember your manners and be polite.
  • Watch your language!
  • Defamatory statements will be edited out before publication, and can result in your letter being rejected entirely.
  • Ditto for bigotry.
  • You can ask for your name not to be published or to appear under an alias, but the sender must be identified by name and a working telephone number.
  • The preferred method is to write the letter in MS Word or some other program and attach the file to your email, but if you want to put it all in the email that's OK too.
  • Maximum 200 words*.
  • No photos.

Letters will be archived but not deleted. You can see the letters here.

* Letters are not meant to be comprehensive articles. If you want to write at length, please consider submitting a news article. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address contained only 271 words and he managed to get his point across.

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