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Advertising on this site

We welcome and encourage advertising here. Income from advertising ensures that access to site content will always remain free.

There are two styles of advertisements.

300x300 pixels

This is the style for the body of pages. The ads will be interspersed between article summaries on the front page and the first page of categories (news, sport, community, etc). There can be up to four of these advertisements on any page and they will be displayed for a week. The image will be linked to either a larger version of the advertisement, your web page or a full-page ad or brochure as mentioned below.

Price: $150 per week with a 10% discount on the entire bill for multiple ads in one week or ads spread over multiple weeks and paid in advance.

900x120 pixels

This style of advertisement will appear at the top of the home page for the site, below the masthead and menu. There is also the option to have the ad appear on every page of the site at extra cost. Again, the image will be linked to either a larger version of the advertisement, your web page or a full-page ad or brochure as mentioned below.

As this will be the first thing that a site visitor sees it's a little more expensive. $200 per week for a single front page ad or $600 for an ad at the top of every page. Again, a 10% discount applies for multiple weeks paid in advance.

A full page advertisement can contain up to 500 words and two photos. A brochure (similar to an insert in a printed publication) can be any size and must be in PDF format. In both cases a fee of $50 per week will apply in addition to the cost of the display advertisement that links to it.

What a full page advertisement might look like.

GST does not apply to these prices until enough money comes in to justify (and legally mandate) registering for GST.

Things you need to know:

  • Deadline for submitting artwork is 1pm on Tuesdays, with payment due by 5pm on Wednesday. If you have a problem with either of these then
  • Each ad will have a link to either your web site, a larger and more detailed copy of your advertisement, a full-page ad or a brochure.
  • Artwork should be submitted as JPG image files or in PDF format and we will create the advertisements from the content of the larger ads.
    Preferred image sizes are:
    Square in-page ad - 300x300 pixels
    Top of page ad - 900x120 pixels
    Full size ad for linking - 1000x1400 pixels
  • Competing products or services will not be advertised on the same page.
  • Advertisements attacking or criticising competitors will not be accepted, neither will any ads for illegal products or anything which might expose Oberon Matters to legal action.
  • If requested, clickable telephone numbers can be included in advertisements.
  • Please
  • Also, be aware of Oberon Matters' position of total neutrality.

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