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Get your warm winter woolies on

June 27, 2024

It's hard not to notice that the cold weather has arrived in Oberon just in time for winter. That means it's time for the annual Winter Warm Up presented by Friends of Oberon Library (FOOLs). It's a competition for "craft items made from warm fibre or fabric - knit, sew, crochet, weave, felt, faux fur, and so on".

The prize categories are as follows. Professionals can exhibit their work but are not eligible for prizes.

  • Adult
  •  Wearable: Clothing of any sort
  •  Household Warming: Any item for the home
  •  Upcycling: Any item using recycled fabrics/yarns
  •  Soft Toys: As above
  • Primary and Secondary School Age - AustralianaTheme
  •  Puppet: Finger, hand, sock, pop stick, etc
  •  Mask

The exhibition of competition entries can be seen at the Oberon Community Centre between 10am and 4:30pm on Thursday, June 27, and Friday, June 28, and 10am to 1pm on Saturday, June 29. The prize presentation was at 5:30pm on Friday, June 28.

Oberon Matters visited when the judging was taking place. You can see the winners by clicking on the small image.

Busy judges Wendy Parry and Cheryl Armstrong.

There's a few too many photos for fast page loading, so you can see them here.

Part 1 - Click to see the photos

Part 2 - Click to see the photos

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