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A Sunday drive

May 30, 2024

Sunday, May 26, produced almost perfect weather, so Oberon Matters went for a drive to take in some local attractions.

First stop was the Tarana Farmers' Market. The markets are on the fourth Sunday of every month (except December) and always have a variety of local producers offering their wares. As well as the stalls selling local produce there's food to be bought and music to listen to. This month's music came from a ukulele band although purists might question whether a twelve-string electric instrument almost the size of a guitar is still a uke, but that didn't matter anyway. It's a day for fun, not musical pedantry.

The next stop was at Renzaglia Wines, where the cellar door was open for visitors to taste and buy some excellent wines. The vines don't have any green leaves at this time of year, so it's the time for experiencing the product. Renzaglia are trying an experiment with some of the vines, where other crops  are planted between the rows of fallow vines. This is to get away from the normal monoculture of vineyards and hopefully will improve soil quality. Another experiment is to create an area in the centre of the vineyard which is populated with plants that attract the same insects as the vines do. If the insects can easily find food there they should leave the grapes alone.

Renzaglia Wines is at 38 Bosworth Falls Rd, O'Connell, and cellar door sales are from midday on the last weekend of each month. The next sale weekend is June 29 and 30.

Getting from Renzaglia to Oberon the quickest way means driving past the O'Connell Hotel, and what better place for lunch? A plate of crumbed chicken wings and chips, a glass of BX Lager from Reckless Brewing and music by Bathurst musician Mick Vaudon near a fire in the beer garden. A perfect way to end a Sunday.

Next time you think there's nothing to do, get in the car and have a look around. You might be surprised at what you find.

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