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July 11, 2024

Hiding on the corner of Raleigh and Oberon Streets you can find Corner Pocket Experiment. It's a sort of plant nursery, a sort of refuge from the busyness of life, a sort of place to relax and a sort of place to get good advice about what grows best in Oberon's climate.

Kyla Ries is allowed to enjoy her own garden.

Managed by environmental consultant Kyla Ries, the Experiment provides cool weather shrubs and vegetables propagated at Mayfield Garden, locally suitable native plants from Central Tablelands Landcare Native Nursery, plus products from other local suppliers. As well as plants there are garden ornaments, pots (not plastic!) and all the advice you need to make the perfect garden from a window box to a farm. You can even buy an environmentally friendly tiny transportable house! (Click on the image to find out more.)

Once the warmer weather returns there will be coffee (from Fish River Roasters) and snacks to enjoy sitting in the shade of the trees, making the Experiment the perfect place to get away from whatever stresses you have in your life.

When to drop in

Let's have a walk around. Remember that these photos were taken in winter, when the trees and shrubs were resting without leaves. Spring and summer will be a lot different.

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