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There's a top motel in town

June 27, 2024

Diana and Ian Crabb took over as managers of the Highlands Motor Inn in April 2023. After two days in Oberon they were faced with the Easter crowd, and if they could get through that in a brand new job they had to know what they were doing.

Their skills as motel managers have been recognised just over a year after taking over and the the Highlands Motor Inn is a finalist in the 2024 NSW Accommodation Awards for Excellence.

This would be an achievement for someone who had been building the motel's business and reputation for years. Doing it after just one year is exceptional. Ian and Diana have to be congratulated, as do the entire team who work at the motel

The Highlands Team - Ian, Nellie, Diana, Diana and Lisa. Melissa couldn't make it on the day.

The announcement of the awards will be at the Fullerton Hotel Sydney, No 1 Martin Place, on Thursday, July 18, and everyone in Oberon will be wishing the Crabbs success.

In other interesting news the Highlands Motor Inn now has a pet friendly room, allowing people to take their pets on holidays. It's just one room now, but it shows how the Crabbs are prepared to try out new ideas to increase the appeal of the motel.

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